The beauty of meetups

Whatever your level of testing experience, meetups are a great way to learn more about testing, meet people with similar interests, build up your network and give something back to the testing community.

Not every field has a community, but I have found that the software development and testing communities are thriving. If you haven’t yet, I’d highly recommend getting involved in both the online and offline community.

What are meetups?

Meetups are offline gatherings of local testing communities to discuss shared interests.

They are available on a huge range of topics, from accessibility to exploratory testing to test automation.

Most meetups are free to attend due to kind sponsorship by technology companies. They cover the cost of the venue and usually provide some food and drinks too. The speakers are generally not paid.

They are proud to be a “safe space” for everyone, whether you’re participating as a speaker or in the audience. Some elements of testing are naturally subjective, but everyone remains respectful of opinions.

What happens at meetups?

Each meetup has a different format, but they generally contain the following elements:

  • Speaker presentations
  • Group activities
  • Breakout exercises
  • Lightning talks
  • Questions & answers
  • Networking

The agenda is generally available in advance. If you have a chance beforehand, it’s often worthwhile finding the speakers on Twitter or LinkedIn to find out more about their experience.

Why attend meetups?

Meetups attract people with a huge variety of backgrounds, roles and experience. Due to this diversity, it’s a chance to learn areas which you are less familiar with and discover other peoples’ opinions on it.

Personally, I have come away from every meetup with knowledge, skills, ideas, inspiration and friends. Inspiration from meetups and speaking with the testing community is the reason I started Quality is King!

How do I find meetups?

I use Eventbrite, Meetup and Ministry of Testing to find most events. I’d love to hear about any other resources out there.

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Great article on attending meetups. I echo your feelings in why meetups are so awesome.
One comment that is repeated frequently to me is how welcoming meetup attendees are. This makes me proud of the industry, and drives me to help more people discover the usefulness of meetups.

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