About me

I'm Peter Gould and I'm a Test Analyst from Lancashire, UK.

From a very early age, testing intrigued me. I always needed to understand exactly how things worked, how to fix them if they broke, how to prevent them breaking again and so on.

My journey

My testing journey started officially in 2011 when I was lucky enough to be offered the role of Student Software Tester during a university sandwich year.

After leaving university, I then worked as a Test Analyst for the UK's leading frozen food retailer and I am currently working as Test Analyst for the UK's leading online electrical retailer.

I currently specialise in UAT on eCommerce websites — putting myself in the customer's shoes and making sure that they have the best possible experience from start to finish. I am particularly passionate about improving website accessibility, so that everyone can enjoy the same great experience.

Check out my LinkedIn for more details about my professional journey.

All views on this blog are my own and are not representative of either current or previous employers.

My spare time

When I'm not busy driving quality, I enjoy DIY projects, automating my house, dabbling in politics, trying craft beers, and finding and sharing deals.

My latest project is to convert my airing cupboard into a mini winery, so I can make my own wine! If you're brave enough to want to try my homemade wine, please drop me a line.

My blog

I was inspired to start this blog after learning so much from other testers around the globe, both online and offline. Also, my friends and colleagues have often told me to start writing my ideas down instead of telling them "all the damn time"!

I've crafted Quality is King with three simple aims:

  1. To inspire people to get into testing
  2. To share my experience with fellow testers
  3. To document my testing journey

Keep in touch

If you have any feedback at all or want to know more about my testing musings, please get in touch through any of the channels:

P.S. I've tested this website to within an inch of its life, but I'd love to know if you find any bugs on it!